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"I just purchased this and it's the most brilliant piece of work! I'd call it ESSENTIAL for any AASECT supervisee." -Kate Berryman, LPC, NCC, MS

“My AASECT CST application was returned for edits 4 times before it was accepted - such a painful process all the way around. Thank you for creating this awesome resource Anne! We just purchased one for each member of our clinical team. We can’t wait to support folks utilizing this tracker that would have made a world of difference to us back when. Thank you thank you thank you 💛” -Dr. Mia Fine, CST, CSE



This workbook was created to help you track your sex therapy certification progress.



$25 until September 5th!



This tracker is very intuitive and offers an easy way to track ALL the requirements for CST certification (even synchronous vs asynchronous hours!). One thing that we love about it is when you have completed a requirement, the domain will show as

green. This allows you to focus on what you need (in red).


The tracker will use the same color system when tracking your individual hours with your primary supervisor and when you have reached the total sum of hours.


All of the formulas are set to do all the math for you! No need to add or divide up non-AASECT education and training hours!


Even if you completed a sexuality certificate program, this tracker will take a lot of the guesswork out of the application process and keep everything organized for you and for the person reviewing your application!


A note from Anne:


Hi, there!


Are you worried about application process to becoming a certified sex therapist? Discouraged or unclear about how it should actually look? Well, we have a solution for you. This is exactly the type of tracker I wished I had when I was working towards sex therapy certification. It was created by 3 women, two of which are women of color to help you track your sex therapy certification journey. We have tried to make this an accessible price to ease in the stress and anxiety of the application process. We respectively ask that you do not share this download with others in order for us to recoup the time and labor it has taken for us to get this off the ground. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Good luck on your journey as a sexuality professional!


- Anne


Please note:

This tracker is in alignment with AASECT’s Certification requirements. However, please note that this document in not an AASECT product, nor is it endorsed by AASECT. Language and phrasing were used directly from the AASECT website on July 2022.

Sex Therapy Certification Tracker

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