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Decolonizing Sexuality

in America

This is a new time and space for us as therapists to expand beyond the traditional lens that excludes far too many of us.


My journey is to assist in creating “systematic shifts” that will call in those that have been excluded from our work. Together, we can help provide leadership through a social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.

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An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy

Centering the Lives of Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and People of Color 

Edited by Reece M. Malone, Marla Renee Stewart, Mariotta Gary-Smith, and James C. Wadley


- Jomo Philips and Ruth Neustifter
- De-Andrea Blayblock-Johnson
- Ericka BurnsMuñoz- Laverne Gervais
- Roger J. Kuhn
- Shane´ J. Gill
- Leyla Gulcur
- Judy T. Lui and Andy Mok
- Estefania Simich Muñoz
- Jaxx Alutalica
- Anne Mauro
- Arva Bensaheb
- Midori

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When a Black, Indigenous, or racialized individual or relationship works with a sex therapist, a host of cultural circumstances can contribute to intimacy discord and sexual dysfunction. This collection brings together clinicians and educators who share their approaches, bridging sex therapy with a client’s relationship to their racial, cultural, and ethnic identity.

This essential book aims to enhance therapists’ supervisory practices and clinical treatments when working with culturally diverse and marginalized populations, fostering greater understanding and awareness. Innovative tools that integrate the impacts of acculturation, minority status, intersectionality, and minority stress are discussed, with case studies, demonstrations, and critical questions included.

This collection is a necessary read for anyone who is training to be or who is an established sex therapist, marriage and family therapist, relationship counselor, or sexuality educator and consultant.

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Tools & Resources

Sex Therapy Certification Tracker

A resource tool to help professionals track their supervision progress.

This is the workbook I wish I had when I was going through supervision. I hope it is helpful to you!
~   Anne
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